The news is pretty heavy this week, mama. We're starting 2020 with a flurry of headlines that can be hard to take in and hard to keep up with. If it all feels like a lot, we understand. The beginning of any new year can feel overwhelming, regardless of what's happening in the rest of the world.

If you need a break from the serious headlines, we've gathered up some lighter stories guaranteed to remind you of the good in the world.

Here are the viral stories making us smile this week:

Viral photoshoot shows pregnant mama at Taco Bell 😂

Pregnancy photoshoots are often shot in glamorous locations, but photographer Brooke Drumm just shared one that might not be considered glam but is perfect for her subject.

Mama-to-be Courtney Vallala loves Taco Bell, so that's where her Drumm shot her pregnancy photos. Courtney is all dressed up and looks as beautiful as you'd expect for a photoshoot, but she's super comfortable in her location because it's one of her favorite places on earth.

Courtney was thrilled with how the pics turned out, writing on Facebook: "We had such a great time and the staff at the Milton Taco Bell was incredible. Yep, keeping it classy!!!"

You can totally be classy and still love Taco Bell, Courtney proves it!

This mama had 2 sets of twins in 1 year! 😮

One set of twins is a lot for a parent to handle. Two sets of twins in one family is incredible, and even more to handle. Two sets of twins in one year? Well that's statistically improbable but reality for Florida mom Alexzandria Wolliston.

In March 2019 Wolliston (who was already mama to now 3-year-old daughter Ar'Mani) gave birth to twin boys, Mark and Malakhi. Two months later she found out she was expecting again and expecting twins, again.

"I wondered if my body could handle it since I just went through it," Wolliston told Good Morning America.

Then, on December 27, 2019 she gave birth to Kaylen and Kayleb.

Two sets of twins in one year is nearly unheard of, say her doctors. "I say I've won the twin lottery," she told GMA.

According to CNN , both of Wolliston's grandmothers suffered lost sets of twin boys. "I feel like my grandmothers gave me their kids because two sets of twins and their twins passed away? I feel like they just sent them down for me," she said.

Viral tweet helps family gets back 25-year-old tape of baby's first steps  😍

Filmaker Jim McKay got a very special video back in the hands of the family who recorded it this week.

McKay, a filmmaker, bought a VCR at a Texas Goodwill in 2018. When he finally tracked down a TV that would work with the old VCR (modern TVs don't) he realized there was a tape in the machine.

The video showed a baby boy taking his fist steps. A dad himself, McKay knew somebody out there would love to have this video back. "It was really emotional actually seeing that. I recognized it for what it was. People didn't film everything like they do now, it was a big moment. They set up that camera, hoping they would catch that and they did," he told TODAY Parents .

So on January 4th, he uploaded bits of the video to social media, hoping someone would recognize the baby in the tape, which was shot in 1994. The clip went viral and Texas TV stations picked up the story.

A mother watching the news recognized her own son on screen. The baby is now 26-year-old TyRe Alexander of Austin. The video shows TyRe waking toward his dad while his older brother, Symari, cheers him on.

"There's a point in there that really warmed my heart because he's like clapping so hard,'' Alexander said. "That's my big brother."

The brother that clapped for him is now a dad, and the two men are always clapping for Symari's daughter.

McKay is happy he found the baby from the VCR and plans to digitize the video for the family so that it doesn't get lost again.

These viral photos prove boys can be princesses, too 😍

Photographer Kitty Wolf is a viral sensation thanks to her beautiful photos of little boys pretending to be beautiful princesses.

As first reported by Parents, Wolf is the founder of " The Boys Can Be Princesses, Too" project , which aims to normalize boys playing with costumes and toys often considered to be for girls.

According to Wolf, who is something of an expert on pretending to be a princess, there is nothing wrong with a little boy embracing his inner Elsa.

"I used to do princess parties where I dressed up like a princess character and visited children on their birthday," she told Parents. "Once, I visited a boy who loved Frozen , and he was even dressed just like Elsa. He was over the moon to have a real princess at his party and had a blast the whole time, same as all the girls I've done parties for."

Wolf has done seven photoshoots with boys dressed as their favorite princesses and the comments section on her Facebook page is full of supportive comments and people posting pictures of their own sons dressed in costume.

"The most touching comments though are from people saying they wish this project was a thing when they were younger, how they wouldn't have felt so alone," she explains.

Thanks to people like Wolf the next generation of boys will know they are not.