The harrowing images of children locked in cages has left our hearts so heavy for the past week. The administration’s zero-tolerance policy separating children from their parents at our country’s Southern border has taken more than 2,300 children -- newborn babies teenagers alike -- from their parents, sending them to Border Patrol facilities and tent camps in various locations. Though Trump signed an executive order today to halt family separation, thousands of children are away from their families, and there is no real system in place to get everyone reunited. Parents don’t know where their children were taken and when or if they'll ever see them again. It’s heartbreaking, scary and so very confusing. That’s why we’re dedicating our Weekly Links to finding answers and explaining how you can help.

1. The details. This NPR piece is a wealth of hard information, explaining how this policy came to be, what laws are currently in place, how past presidents handled this type of situation, and what rights these immigrant families seeking asylum actually have. We also love this Cup of Jo post that touches on what asylum is and how it’s attained.

2. How to help. If you feel completely overwhelmed and helpless, you’re not alone. But there are ways to give and help these families, and here are a few of our favorites. RAICES Family Reunification Bond Fund is a nonprofit in Texas paying bond for detained parents and helping with legal fees. The Florence Project is in Arizona, helping families out with legal services. And then there’s the ACLU, where you can sign a petition to end this policy, and donate to help the families.

3. Protest. Across the country, dozens of cities will host protest on June 30. You can find a list of all of them here, or start your own event if there isn’t one in your area.

4. Personal stories. The longer this goes on, the more personal stories we’re learning. Like this mother, whose 10-year-old daughter with Downs Syndrome was taken, despite her father being a legal U.S. resident just a mile away. Or the mother whose 4-month-old was ripped from her arms as she nursed.

5. Powerful images. Heartbreaking images from photographer John Moore show weeping children and visibly terrified parents being taken by Border Patrol agents. The government has released images, as well, showing the cages children are kept in and children getting their wristband scanned to receive food.