We can easily argue that if any brand speaks to mamas on a spiritual level, our bets are on Target. The mega-retailer is the magical place that drains our bank accounts but fulfills our lives. There's just something about walking into the store that has everything we do (and okay, don't) need—we practically do a happy dance every time we enter the doors. Heck, even Beyoncé shops there. Target is life. End of story.

If you're on the Target trend train too, you've stumbled upon the right article. We've rounded up our favorite (and hilarious) tweets about Target that will make mamas laugh out loud:

On loving the Starbucks there:

On spending too much money:

On treating yourself:

On someone wearing your outfit:

On not having self-control:

On a having an obsession:

On toddlers knowing best:

They say a watched pot never boils, but every pumping mama knows the expression should really say "a watched bottle never fills."

When I think back to those early days of pumping, I remember settling in front of the TV to attempt to distract myself from the tedium of being hooked to a machine. It never worked: I'd always pay little attention to whatever I was watching, opting instead to stare at the bottles I was pumping into and wonder why they were filling so slowly.

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