7 flattering hair trends mamas need to know

According to a celebrity hairstylist.

7 flattering hair trends mamas need to know

Whether your hair salon is open (and you're actually venturing there) or you decided to try a haircut at home, there are some haircut trends you need to know about this season, mama. Some are classic (does a curly shag ever get old?) and others are new(ish) and we're excited to try.

"After years of the long, sexy big beach waves trend, the hair trend of this decade, 2020, has undertaken drastic changes," says celebrity hairstylist, Wendy Iles. "In the past few years, every woman seemed to rock fizzy beach waves, a hairstyle that was unbelievably popular but was also a bold and flowing style with minimum maintenance. From this year onward we are redeeming what a bold and flowing style is, which looks just as effortless and low maintenance but unconventionally chic."

Here are the trends Wendy wants you to know about:

1. Curtain bangs

"Curtain bangs are on trend and certainly most people with a fringe will be on their way to having this length of fringe in place. Embrace it, it's hot!" says Iles.

2. Big chop

"After isolating people will be ready for the big chop," says Iles.

3. Long looks

"Letting the heavy, gorgeous, and natural-looking hair fall like a curtain is luxurious," says Iles. "The key is nurtured natural hair and we can officially say goodbye to over-styled and over tonged locks."

4. Curly shag

"Chanel, Celine, Saint Laurent shows all showed us the 70's spirit long hairstyles are present almost everywhere," says Iles.

5. Natural hair

This season has a huge focus on natural hair. "People are discovering [their natural hair] while staying at home," says Iles.

6. Layers all over

Layers are a great way to save length without committing to a full blown cut.

7. Neutral shades

"This summer women will be searching for neutral shades with low upkeep," says Iles. "So look toward honey blondes, ash browns and rusty reds."

Once you've found your style, try these editor picks to maintain your look:

Tsubaki leave-on conditioner + detangler

Tsubaki leave-on conditioner + detangler

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R + Co dreamhouse wave spray

R + Co dreamhouse wave spray

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Living Proof no frizz vanishing oil

Living Proof no frizz vanishing oil

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Alterna exfoliating cleanser

Alterna exfoliating cleanser

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