Baby-making sex is exciting—of course!—but with all the necessary "When am I ovulating this month?” and temperature taking, it can feel a little predictable. And not always super sexy.

Maybe it’s time to spice things up in the bedroom. To us, that means John Legend and Norah Jones need to join you guys STAT.?

Why? Because according to a study by neuroscientist Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, couples who listen to music together have 67 percent more sex.

So press play on our sexy baby-making playlist on Spotify (it’s free to listen to!) and you’ll get all the mojo you need to produce the best collaboration yet: a perfect little human.

We hope this playlist helps you both relax and enjoy the moment. If you’re listening on the free version of Spotify, just be sure to let the 30-second ad play out before you get the party started. Because—no interruptions, please! ✋

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Raising a mentally strong kid doesn't mean he won't cry when he's sad or that he won't fail sometimes. Mental strength won't make your child immune to hardship—but it also won't cause him to suppress his emotions.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. Mental strength is what helps kids bounce back from setbacks. It gives them the strength to keep going, even when they're plagued with self-doubt. A strong mental muscle is the key to helping kids reach their greatest potential in life.

But raising a mentally strong kid requires parents to avoid the common yet unhealthy parenting practices that rob kids of mental strength. In my book, 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do, I identify 13 things to avoid if you want to raise a mentally strong kid equipped to tackle life's toughest challenges:

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