One of the best things about being pregnant is getting to share the amazing, happy news with people you love. Especially grandparents!

Grandparents will watch your kiddos at the drop of a hat (for free, bless their hearts), treat them like royalty and love them unconditionally. They are the best, and we are forever grateful for them.

So how do you tell these VIPs some of the most important news of their lives?

Maybe you guys blurt it out next time you see them because you can't contain your excitement, or maybe you plan something fun and creative for them. Either way, they've been waiting for this moment and it's going to be awesome.

We rounded up the best grandparent announcement ideas out there. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you may even pee your pants like one grandma did. (Reminder: Do your Kegels.)

1. “No posting on Facebook."

2. Give them gorgeous mugs that'll put a smile on their face every morning.

3. You can truly feel the love and joy in this full room.

4. Who doesn't love a (beautiful) countdown?

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5. So many happy tears!

6. Gift an adorable onesie.

7. This grandpa is the CUTEST IN ALL THE LAND.

8. Share the news with a sweet note + booties.

9. “Is it true? Is it really true??"

10. Give 'em scratch-off card (hey, they basically did just win the lottery).

11. Running. Clapping. Jumping. Grandpas. Love. Every. Second.

12. A little birdie has a secret...

13. The flailing on the couch is more than we ever could've hoped for.

14. Tell them with wine. Cheers!

15. Group hugs are the best way to celebrate!

16. Frame it!


18. “Dear Grandma + Grandpa, please read to me in June!"

19. “I peed my pants!"

20. No need to add sugar with this sweet surprise.

21. Can you believe your baby was once the size of an appleseed?

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