Long story short: In olden times, birth announcements were the way that the world found out that your little one had arrived—and how you would share whether your baby was a boy or girl, and announce the long-awaited name! Historians note that these announcement would come in the form of a newspaper notice or printed card a woman mailed to her family and friends within one year (!) of her baby's birth.

But today, your social network is often counting down to your due date along with you, eagerly refreshing your Instagram and Facebook pages for the big announcement :::guilty:::—and many mamas want to share their big baby news in style.

Plus, picking out printed birth announcements to mail friends + family is one of the fun pasttimes of new motherhood.

Here's what you need to know about birth announcements—

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Pro tips for your social media birth announcement:

  • The white linens of a hospital bed make a perfect shot to frame baby's first Instagram post.
  • You can plan what you + baby will wear ahead of time. Think: A favorite new accessory, a family heirloom, a new robe for mama? Or would you prefer to rock the hospital hat and traditional newborn blanket?
  • Share as many or as few details as you feel comfortable. Typically, posts will share baby's name, height + weight, sex, and how mom is doing. No need to explain which hospital you delivered at or how many med school residents saw you in the nude.
  • In general, social media announcement posts appear with a photo and sound something like this: “Our daughter Sophia arrived last night under a full moon and we couldn't be more in love! Mama was a rockstar. Baby weighs 7 pounds, 8 ounces and sports blue eyes like daddy. Thanks for all your well wishes! " But of course—feel free to break the mold and share what's in your heart.
  • Some moms choose to share birth announcements once they're home. There are a ton of beautiful ways to shoot at-home baby announcement photos and we have 10 birth announcement photo ideas you'll love. (LINK)
  • Prep your people: Over-eager mothers-in-law have been known to 'break the news' on social media before parents do, so you can gently let your inner circle know that you'd like to post something when you're ready.
  • Focus on what matters: Your angel has arrived! Keep the posts simple.

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