To quote Brené Brown . . .

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we'll ever do."

Own your envy

We've all been there. We hear good news about a friend or see something on Facebook and we're all “But I want a promotion tooooo." Even if we're happy for that mama who just took a major step in her career—something inside us turns green with envy.

But did you know jealousy can be used in your favor? Channel it into positive energy with these 7 steps.

No more whining. Only winning.

Own your career goals

We got to chat with Xza Louise Higgins, the founder of MommyCon to learn more about how the popular motherhood conference came to be, and how she balances it all.

So why did she create this village of mothers? Xza said it was because she “felt alone during pregnancy and needed to find like-minded mommies online." Online quickly turned to in-person, and now she is able to empower, educate and inspire mamas all over the country so they never have to feel alone.

The sisterhood of the motherhood at its finest, ladies.

Own your perception

It seems so easy to focus on the negative—what your partner DIDN'T do vs. what they DID do. (Sure, the dishes are done, but what's up with the dirty clothes on the floor?)

So how can we flip the switch—to focus on the good instead of the bad? We consulted the experts and love what Dr. Terri Orbuch suggests—make a list of 5 things you love about your hubby. When the going gets rough, pull the list out and remind yourself why he captured your heart in the first place.

Ok, #1: He's hot and he makes a mean blueberry pancake.

Own your emotions

It can be really tough to keep our cool when our little one isn't listening to our request to keep her pants on, or totally melting down over not being allowed to eat the dog food.

Cue child developmental psychologist and mama Ashley Soderlund's super helpful strategy—ACT instead of reACT. Acknowledge, connect, teach. These 3 easy steps will help you to handle the next toddler challenge coming your way.

Bring it on, tantrums.

Here's to owning life this week—