Election days are special days. They are the days when regular people take a moment out of their busy schedules to go make history. Voting is an incredible privilege ( shout out to Susan B. Anthony !) and one our generation needs to make sure the next understands.

As parents, casting a vote is just one part of our duty on election days. We also need to make sure that our children understand what that means, and why it is worth doing. Across America today, parents showed up at the polls with kids in tow, doing their own civic duty while also ensuring that the next generation understands democracy.

Celebrity parents were no different. Here are six celebs who made sure their kids understood that today is not just about stickers (although, we do love the stickers).

1. Jessica Alba

The mama from the Honest Company likely voted by mail, because she got her sticker early and snapped a selfie with her three children explaining that they are the reason she votes.

2. Cash Warren

But Alba's oldest, daughter Honor, 10, didn't miss out on a field trip to the polling place. Her mama may be an early voter, but her dad, Cash Warren, cast his ballot on the big day and took Honor along for the ride.

3. Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin took her daughter Carmen with her to vote. The 5-year-old came home with a sticker and a better understanding of the democratic process.

4. Ellen Pompeo

The Grey's Anatomy star referred to her 9-year-old daughter Stella as her "voting squad". Her younger daughter, Sienna, is also seen on mama's Instagram today, mixing up "vote" with "boat" in this epically cute video.

5. James and Kimberly Van Der Beek

Voting was a family affair for James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly, who both posted this sweet shot on their Instagram accounts.

6. John Stamos

Proud first-time dad John Stamos took baby Billy out to get his "I voted" sticker. Billy's a little young for the civics lesson, but it's never to early to enjoy some one on one time with dad. Here's to all the parents who made it to the polls today! 🎉

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