Cardi B is officially a mama! She made the announcement via Instagram (of course), posting her baby girl's birthdate and name as the caption of a stunning maternity photo.

Kulture Kiari Cephus was born Tuesday, July 10. She is Cardi's first child, and the fourth for her husband, Offset, who hasn't yet commented publicly on the baby's arrival—probably because he is too busy getting newborn cuddles.

The internet has been blowing up over this name announcement, with some suggesting Kulture may be too unique, but, as some Twitter users quickly pointed out, Kulture comes from a family of people with unique names. Cardi B was born Belcalis Malenis Almanza, and Offset's real first name is Kiari (which is why that's Kulture's middle name).

Congrats to Cardi and Offset (aka Belcalis and Kiari) on the birth of their daughter, and on choosing the perfect name for her. 🎉

[Correction, July 11: An earlier version of this post stated Cardi B gave birth on Tuesday, July 11. Kulture was born Tuesday, July 10.]

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