Most people can agree the pandemic has made parenting more stressful, and that’s why it’s important for mamas to give ourselves permission to drop some balls .

We have extra time with our kids right now, but that time doesn’t have to be filled with constant educational activities or crafts. We can sometimes think too hard about parenting our kids during this pandemic—feeling guilty that they aren’t using this extra time to be more hands-on with their children.

But, the new trend of “lazy parenting” (which is actually anything but lazy) is allowing moms everywhere to allow their children to practice self-efficacy.

In light of all the stress that this pandemic has brought us in some way, these celebrity mamas are loosening their grip and embracing the art of lazy parenting.

Kristen Bell’s culinary surprise

Kristen Bell’s Instagram post captured her children’s breakfast for the day where she allowed them to prepare it themselves. The plate showcases fan favorites like french fries, cereal and Rice Krispie bars.

To show her surprise with the food, Kristen captioned the post, “I asked my kids to start making their own breakfast,” humorously doubting that she “might not be doing this right”.

It was no sweat for Bell, allowing her kids’ culinary talents to run wild to curate this special meal. In the pandemic placing restrictions on where kids can go and how they can have fun, Bell allowed her kids to have some free reign in the kitchen.

Auntie Kim Kardashian’s babysitting treats

With more than 170 million followers on Instagram, Kim Kardashian has made a name for herself as a reality star, businesswoman and lawyer.

Since the whole Kardashian family is always on camera, Kim uses her Instagram account to not only showcase her glamorous moments in the spotlight but also her relatable qualities.

While babysitting her eldest nephew Mason Disick, Kim snapped a photo of them eating ice cream and popcorn, because sometimes you just need a break from the nutritous stuff. Not only can mamas like Kim give into a guilt-free treat with their own kids, but they also can use the practice on their nieces and nephews to make babysitting a breeze.

“When I babysit,” Kim captioned the photo of her and Mason having some junk food fun.

Gabrielle Union’s tech-friendly house

After the birth of Gabrielle Union’s daughter back in 2018, Kaavia James Union Wade has brought nothing but a captivating personality to Unions Instagram-frequently going viral with her adorable sass.

Kaavia in this picture plotted while taking photos with Union to fit in some much-needed screen time with her mama’s iPhone. This mama allowed Kaavia to have some tech time-ultimately realizing that babies are obsessed with small objects and will eventually want to play with them.

“When she steals the phone vs when she’s coming up with the plan,” Gabrielle wrote as the caption commending Kaavia on her wit.

She’s not stressing over what her daughter plays with (or screen time), she’s just allowing her to play with what is at hand.

Tia Mowry’s self-care Sunday

Tia Mowry’s Instagram photo proves that moms can definitely fit in self-care time with a sprinkle of “lazy” parenting. While chasing around her 2-year-old daughter, Cairo, Tia is also taking time for her own bubble bath.

In a perfect world, mamas would be able to take personal time to pamper themselves, but in the spirit “lazy” parenting Tia multitasked.

“#bubbles,#eyemask, #wine, and last but not least #toddler,” she captioned her post.

Ayesha Curry’s movie night

Ayesha Curry took to Instagram to post this family selfie of her, her husband Steph Curry, and their three kids watching Jumanji .

Instead of stressing out over extracurricular activities, her kids can do, Ayesha kept it simple with a camp-style movie night.

An easy way to incorporate some family time and bonding, Ayesha and her family used a tent and a laptop to make the night special. “Camped in the yard last night and watched Jumanji. Love this little fam of mine,” Ayesha captioned the heartfelt photo.