Model and mom Ashley Graham is getting real about a postpartum situation many of us know all too well: those pesky little baby hairs.

Graham took to Instagram to share a shot of the itty bitty bangs that have sprung up across her hairline in the year following the birth of her son Isaac.

"I may not be a bond girl but I can be a bond villain (postpartum baby hairs come through!!!)," she wrote, with photographic proof to back it up.

The next shot showed actor Anatole Taubman in character as Elvis in Quantam of Solace, and we have to say the resemblance really is uncanny—at least around the hairline.

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Graham's obviously got a good sense of humor about the postpartum change to her otherwise luscious locks, but the replies to the funny post clearly showed that this a really common issue for moms—one that can be really hard to deal with it. One commenter told Graham that seeing so much of their hair fall out had taken a toll on their mental health, but that "seeing your progress makes me so happy & hopeful!"

Another fan chimed in with, "I love seeing this because I'm going through the same thing and seeing you accept your baby hairs is such an inspiration." How amazing is that? There's such power in moms normalizing these changes—because they truly are perfectly normal.

After giving birth, the American Academy of Dermatology explains that estrogen levels start to drop—causing hair to fall out or shed. But the good news is that by a year or so, your hair should be well on its way back to its normal fullness—even if that means you have to deal with some baby hairs while it grows out. Just try and rock them as confidently as Ashley Graham does—because as annoying as they can be, they're really just a proud reminder that you brought life into the world.