Chip Gaines just dropped some big news while appearing alongside Joanna on "The Tonight Show." On Friday night the father-of-five told "Tonight" host Jimmy Fallon he and Joanna are getting ready to return to television now that baby Crew is four months old. Yes, Chip + Jo are returning to television! 🙌 "We are coming back to television, you're gonna get to see the kids grow up," Gaines told Fallon (joking that he was really only telling his own mom through the TV, so not breaking his non-disclosure agreement). "We're excited to be back."
After Fallon aired Jo took to Twitter to do maybe a little damage control. She retweeted a note from the Magnolia account which explained that her husband "got a little excited & spilled the beans on a potential project that we're working on. This isn't a done deal quite yet but we are all really excited about what we've got in mind: our own cable network!"
Shortly after Jo retweeted the official word from Magnolia, Discovery Inc issued a tweet confirming that the company is in talks with Chip + Jo.
This isn't the first time in recent days Chip Gaines has hinted at a return to TV. "We never rule anything out," he previously told People (Joanna graced the cover of the magazine earlier this month). "The show was amazing and we are so thankful for it, but it's also a whirlwind where, if you are not careful, it will flat run you over," Chip explained. "You can't believe how out of gas you are."
It seems though that the Gaines' gas tank has been refilled, and the couple are ready to once again launch thousands of renovations via television, now that they've had a chance to, as Chip explains, catch their breath. "TV is a tough business and we came into this thing sort of shock and awe and we had never had any inspiration on television," Chip told Fallon. "We didn't know anything about the business and when you step into this universe it takes you a little bit to get your feet under you to say the least." There's no word yet on a premiere date, so it's a little early to set the DVR, but it is nice to know that in the not so distant future we can once again watch Chip + Jo in their natural habitat, or maybe even on their own network. [Update: November 9, 2018 - Added tweets]

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