Whether you’re a celebrity or not, if you’re a mom then chances are that you’re no stranger to being mom-shamed. But just because it’s an unfortunate reality, doesn’t mean it’s not a tough thing to deal with. In a recent appearance on the “Tamron Hall Show,” Coco Austin opened up about the constant criticism of her parenting style after watching a surprise video sent by her husband, Ice-T.

In the video, Ice-T is filming on set for an episode of “Law & Order SVU.”

He gives a very sweet and supporting message to his wife and says, “This is a shout-out going to my wife Coco. You are the most incredible person I’ve ever met, the nicest person I’ve ever met, and the best mother to Chanel that anyone could possibly imagine, alright? I love you to death; 22 years, baby, and it gets better every day.”

Coco Austin, shares a six-year-old daughter, Chanel, with the actor. As the video plays, you can hear her saying, “awww” in the background.

After the video played, Hall told Austin that her husband wanted to surprise her in person but he was “stuck” at work so he decided to send a clip of himself instead.

Coco Austin was visibly emotional, tears rolling down her face (who wouldn’t be after such a sweet message from their partner) and says, “You know, as a mother, you don’t hear that much… You don’t hear that much from everybody. I have the whole world… and I’m underneath a microscope all the time.”

The mother of one has been at the center of many parenting controversies, from breastfeeding her toddler to giving her a bath in the kitchen sink.

And you don’t hear what good you do,” she continues. “You don’t hear the goodness. You just hear the bad. And I know I’m a good mother because I dedicated the last six years of putting everything aside — my career, everything, just for her.”

Moms are often the parent that has to put their career on hold. Their ambitions and dreams take a backseat for their children and their family. It’s a part of parenthood that seems to be taken for granted by the parent whose life isn’t interrupted. But, when you go from carrying the baby for nine months, to recovering in the postpartum journey and then dealing with feedings and everything else that goes into the invisible workload of being a mother, well, there just isn’t always a lot of time for yourself.

Parenting choices is one of those things that people feel the need to comment on no matter what or how you’re doing. But how often do people comment something positive?

“You just want a little love, a little respect from people,” Austin adds.