Attention all millennial moms who are also Matilda lovers: the beloved book and movie is now getting the Broadway treatment via Matilda the Musical on Netflix. The trailer was just released and while the whole movie musical looks amazing, it's Emma Thompson as Trunchbull who steals the show.

This particular adaptation is based on the stage musical, which premiered in London's West End in 2011 and received 12 Olivier Awards not long after. The musical was adapted from Roald Dahl's 1988 children's book, not unlike the absolutely brilliant 1996 movie adaptation starring Mara Wilson, Danny DeVito, and Rhea Pearlman.

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Matilda is a girl born to two pretty terrible, negligent parents who have no idea how amazing their intelligent, magical daughter is. As Matilda grows up, she realizes and hones her power of telekinesis, which she uses to help her friends and rebel against her family and militant school leader, Miss Trunchbull. Luckily she has the support of a sweetheart of a teacher, Miss Honey, and a great group of pals to get into mischief with.

While the OG Trunchbull from the movie, Pam Ferris, deserves a major shout-out for being absolutely terrifying, Emma Thompson is utterly unrecognizable in the role. Just watch.

See? She absolutely nails it (as Emma Thompson always does). We even get to see the pigtail-tossing scene!

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According to Variety, the Netflix adaptation of the musical stars Alisha Weir as Matilda, with Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough portraying her parents. Lashana Lynch plays the beloved teacher Miss Honey. The trailer itself is set to the musical’s best-known song, “Revolting Children,” as the audience waits in anticipation to see Miss Trunchbull herself. And we are not disappointed. The costume, the hair, the prosthetics—A+. She looks very much like a classic Roald Dahl illustration, and it's everything.

Matilda the Musical will premiere on Netflix this holiday season!