If you’ve ever wondered about the Barefoot Contessa‘s love life with her husband beyond their endearing banter on her cooking show, well, you’re not alone. In an upcoming interview for “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Ina Garten shares a story about the time her husband, the Jeffrey Garten, sent an accidental sext to her publicist.

First things first—if you aren’t familiar with Ina and Jeffrey, do yourself a favor and watch some clips of “The Barefoot Contessa” show on Food Network. This show works as well as Xanax for me personally. Have I ever mastered a single one of Ina’s recipes? Absolutely not. My family barely eats anything beyond dino nuggets and I, sadly, do not have a gaggle of fabulous friends and neighbors in the Hamptons. But I still love me some Ina—and, by adorable default—Jeffrey.

Anyhoo—back to the sext.

Ina tells Drew that she found out her husband sent her “longtime publicist and friend,” Kristina Felix, a spicy message meant for his favorite cook: “You’re gonna be delicious tonight.”


Felix’s response? “I don’t think this was meant for me.”

LOL, no. It sure wasn’t. But it’s still so perfect and perfectly on-brand for both of them. The way Jeffrey gets that sweet, puppy-dog look on his face anytime Ina cooks something delicious for him is always one of the best parts of each episode. And honestly, we need to hear more stories of older couples who still love one another and love getting down to business with each other!

According to Page Six, Barrymore asked Ina if Felix just “turned bright red” after receiving the sext, to which Ina replied, “I didn’t see it, but I imagine so.”

Honestly, if a situation has ever called for the world’s most giant margarita—an Ina staple—this one does.


The couple have been married since 1968 (!!!), and earlier this year, Ina told Page Six that Jeffrey is “pretty fabulous” and “extraordinary.”

“He’s positive and supportive and happy and smart and has the biggest heart of anybody I’ve ever known,” she said at the time. “He’s just adorable. So, I got really lucky.”

It seems like they both did. And we’re lucky we get to watch her show and hear stories like this one—those saucy little minxes!