Working from home is a struggle when you've got pint-sized coworkers, also known as your kids. So many of us are experiencing that reality for the first time ever thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and the results can be hilarious. Case in point? The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon, who's taping his show from home with a little help from his wife and daughters.

Production on the show was shut down last week as part of a warning against big gatherings. But Fallon didn't let that stop him from connecting with fans, filming the first episode of The Tonight Show: At Home edition with his wife using an iPhone. Instead of flashy graphics, he's got a hand-drawn logo crafted by his 6-year-old daughter, Winnie. She's also adorably filling in as the house band, swapping a pot and spoon for a drum set.

But of course, since kids are going to be kids, Fallon's girls haven't been entirely helpful during the tapings—skip to around the 5:45 mark of episode one to see the hilarious outtake where the little ones are playing and screaming off-camera. And you have absolutely have to see the amazing way younger daughter Franny interrupts his monologue in the second episode—if only we all had an indoor slide to help us get through this difficult period in our lives.