When Joanna Gaines gave the world the first peek inside Crew’s nursery, the beautiful design took our breath away. Parents and Fixer Upper fans alike fell in love with the simple yet chic baby bedroom. The Instagram photo of nursery is pure design perfection and has nearly 1.5 million likes.

But another, newer, photo of the Gaines nursery may be even more likable. Because Joanna just posted a pic of what Crew’s room looks like after a diaper blowout—and while it isn’t perfectly staged, it is so relatable.

“Evidence of a late night up with my boy,” Jo captioned the pic that shows laundry, wipes and baby paraphernalia spread around the rug in Crew’s room.

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This picture may be messier than the first we saw, but the truth is, motherhood (especially in those early, diaper-blowing days with a newborn) is messy.

Every parent has days and nights where the nursery they so carefully planned and painted looks unrecognizable. Laundry ends up on the floor, packages of diapers are ripped open in the dark, drawers are left open or a bottle rolls under the rocker.

Mama, there will be times when the nursery is a mess, when the living room is a catastrophe, and when the laundry seems to be sneaking out of the laundry room and onto every available surface in the house. But don’t be hard on yourself when this happens. Because it happens to pretty much everyone.

Bringing a baby into a space means that space won’t always be beautiful, even if it was designed by someone who makes some of the most beautiful spaces we’ve ever seen.

Thanks for being real, Jo.

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