It's a birthday pic and a bump pic all in one. Joanna Gaines took to Instagram to usher in a new decade of life by posting a photo of her living her best life: Pregnant and eating doughnuts surrounded by shiplap.

"This is 40. And I like it …" she captioned an adorable bump selfie.

Already mom to Drake, 12, Ella, 11, Duke, 9, and Emmie Kay, 7, Gaines and her husband Chip announced they were expecting back in January. That Instagram post featured a much smaller bump that launched plenty of big smiles on fans' faces.

We've since learned the Gaines are expecting another boy, so chances are he'll be dubbed with a D name like brothers Drake and Duke.

Gaines says the boys, as well as sisters Ella and Emmie Kay, are super stoked about the new arrival. The kids are all so close in age that none of them really remembers Gaines being pregnant before, so experiencing a pregnancy now that her kids are older is really something special.

"They love my growing belly (and boy is it growing), and they cannot wait to meet him. I truly believe this baby is a gift from God for our family in this season," Gaines said in a recent blog post.

As for turning 40, Gaines doesn't seem to mind, and her husband made it very clear he's as in love as ever, posting sweet b-day messages on social media.

Chip is right—Jo sure looks great theses days. And she's proving that whatever age a mama is at when she rocks a bump is the best age.

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