Legendary 1990s actress and mama Julia Stiles announced the birth of her second son with husband Preston Cook on Instagram Wednesday, sharing a sweet snapshot of his little newborn feet. But the way her older son is apparently handling the harsh reality of becoming an older brother is also a must-see.

It seems like little Arlo has rudely disrupted big brother Strummer's entire earthly balance, at least according to the hilarious snapshot Julia Stiles shared along with Arlo's announcement. It seems Strummer is quite talented in the, uh, toilet art department.

"Welcome to the world, Baby Arlo!" Stiles writes in the caption. "The newest addition to our family, reminding me how infinite love can be. 💖 Scroll Forward to see how my 4 year old is taking it…"

If you do, in fact, scroll to the second photo Stiles shared, you'll see exactly what she means. And, to be fair, the rendition is exceptionally advanced for a preschool-aged child.

The sad, bearded toilet man is museum-worthy. The doodle on the toilet lid, which looks like maybe it's a very meta drawing of a toilet bowl (An animal? An aptly phallic rocket ship? Who can say) is also not to be ignored.

Let's hope that's a red dry-erase Expo marker and not a Sharpie.

Any parent with a set of siblings already knows how deeply a new baby can impact the balance of your already-established family and household. Bringing home baby number one vs. baby number two (or more) are very, very different experiences because you're trying to meet All The Needs of All The Kids rather than just those of one newborn. And, you know, your healing, exhausted, in-need-of-a-shower-and-hot-coffee self.

Though there are a variety of ways you can prepare your older child before baby number two comes home, here is what you can do if your older child is four years old (like Julia Stiles' son) and younger.

"Children at this age are still quite attached to their parents and might feel jealous sharing your attention with a newborn," the Mayo Clinic suggests. "Explain that the baby will need lots of attention and encourage your older child's involvement by taking him or her shopping for baby supplies. Read to your older child about babies, brothers and sisters. Give your older child a doll so that he or she can be a caregiver, too. Look at your older child's baby pictures together and tell the story of his or her birth."

Welcome to the world, little Arlo. May you and your big brother have many years of creative artwork ahead of you both!

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