When a close friend or family member has a new baby, there are two forces at play: On one hand, you are bursting at the seams excited to meet the baby. On the other hand, you want to respect the family’s need for space. But the Kardashian-Jenner sisters could only contain themselves so much before rushing to greet baby niece True Thompson upon her arrival in California this past weekend.

“It’s very good to have Khloe back,”says Kim Kardashian. “I feel kind of bad. They came in town on Sunday and the whole family—we spaced it out so she wouldn’t be too overwhelmed,” Kardashian told Access Hollywood of Khloé Kardashian’s homecoming. “First it was Kourtney and all of her kids, then me and all of my kids, then my mom, [then] Kylie.”

Based on her social media posts about the big reunion, True’s mama didn’t seem to mind celebrating with her family. (Especially since these amazing cookies were involved!)

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Adding to the excitement was the opportunity to get the three youngest Kardashian-Jenner cousins—5-month-old Chicago, 4-month-old Stormi and baby True—together for the first time.

“I feel like Stormi and Chicago have so many photo shoots together, and we just text the pictures to Khloe of them sitting on the couch and we’re like, ‘Where you at, True? We’re waiting for you!” Kim told Entertainment Tonight. “Now that she can be in the mix, it’s going to be so much fun.”

On the heels of his season with the Cleveland Cavilers, Tristan Thompson also joined his girlfriend and daughter in California. Although rumors of his infidelity during Khloé’s pregnancy have reportedly been a big point of contention among the family members, the couple seems committed to making their relationship work for now—as evidenced by pictures from a recent date night and informal trip to the golden arches of McDonald’s.

“[Khloé] doesn’t seem too concerned how they feel about Tristan,” an insider tells People of input from her family. “She still thinks she’s making the best choice for her and True. She doesn’t need her family’s approval and will keep doing her thing.”

By coming out in support of Khloé and True, the family is showing that it’s okay for opinions to differ—because family always comes first.

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