Last week, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s oldest daughter, North West, went viral for holding up a sign that read “STOP” while being photographed at a Paris fashion show with her mom. Kardashian made light of the situation on Twitter, but people are calling her out for not respecting her daughter’s privacy and boundaries.

While the viral moment was objectively amusing (and extremely meme-able), it did spark up a necessary dialogue about kids, autonomy, and boundaries.

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Kardashian took to Twitter to clarify that North found the viral video of her holding up the sign “funny,” and didn’t seem too concerned about the situation. And look, she surely knows her daughter better than anyone on the internet.

But in this wild digital age, it’s necessary to remember that when kids are thrust into the spotlight—whether they’re the children of famous celebrities or influencers on TikTok—they can’t actually make the choice to consent to it.

After tweeting her thoughts, Kim Kardashian faced some backlash on social media.

Sharenting“—a phrase coined back in 2010— is defined as the practice of parents publicizing sensitive content about their children on internet platforms. While North West’s position as a child in one of the most famous families in the world is a slightly different situation than being the child of parents who share your potty-training photos on social media, the issue of children’s consent and autonomy is universal.

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Back in 2015, when she was just a toddler, North shouted “No pictures!” at a group of photographers trying to take her photo.

She’s expressed her frustration over photographers throughout most of her life, especially in recent months. Kourtney Kardashian’s kids have also shared their discomfort with their fame, and her oldest, Mason, is now rarely seen on the family’s TV show.

It’s probably difficult for them to understand what it means to be part of the Kardashian empire at such young ages, and Kim Kardashian has shed light on that particular issue before.

“Kourtney and I have sat our kids down and had little conversations with them, and as they get older we’ll continue to have that conversation and just explain it to them,” Kim said on Jimmy Kimmel Live back in 2019.

Many celebrities choose to keep their kids out of the spotlight entirely and refuse to share their faces on social media.

Kim hasn’t responded to the criticism regarding her tweet about North and the paparazzi, and it likely won’t be the last time people share their thoughts on her children and fame.