Kourtney Kardashian says she’s “finally” feeling more like herself now that she’s no longer undergoing in vitro fertilization treatments while attempting to conceive a child with her husband, Travis Barker. In fact, the reality star and mom of three revealed that she stopped IVF treatments 10 months ago.

“Finally started getting my energy back 10 months after stopping IVF, for anyone else going through it, it gets better!” Kourtney wrote in her Instagram Story on Thursday, while adding a series of smiley face emojis and drawing a gold star on a photo of her treadmill workout.

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Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Earlier this year, Kourtney Kardashian opened up about the struggles she’s facing as she and her husband, Travis Barker, experienced while trying to expand their family. In one episode of “The Kardashians,” she talked about how difficult the IVF process was—specifically how the medication was negatively impacting her quality of life.

“Every single person on social media is always like, ‘Kourtney’s pregnant! Kourtney has gained so much weight!’” she told her mom, Kris, during a scene from the show. “I’m like, it’s so rude to comment on people when you have no idea what they’re actually going through.”

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Kourtney also told her mom that the medication made her body “go into menopause” and thrust her into depression, which surprised her mom. Kris tells Kourtney, “I’ve never seen you happier.”

“I have everything in the world to be happy about,” Kourtney responded. “I just feel a little bit off, not like myself, super moody and hormonal. I’m a lunatic half the time.” (While fertility treatments like IVF do not actually cause menopause, they can bring about similar side effects to menopause.)

In the trailer for The Kardashians released in March, Kardashian and Barker were shown at a fertility doctor’s office.

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“Travis and I want to have a baby,” Kourtney says in the trailer. Thankfully, she and Travis take off their mics during the appointment. Travis is later seen kissing his husband’s hand as she lies down on a bed in the doctor’s office.

While she hasn’t opened up about her reasons for stopping IVF or whether she has plans to try again—that’s her business and no one else’s unless she chooses to share—here’s hoping she’s feeling happy and healthy no matter what.