Within minutes of Rihanna taking the stage during the halftime show during Sunday’s Super Bowl, the internet began speculating over whether Rihanna is pregnant again or simply still postpartum. While offering unsolicited public commentary on a woman’s body is absolutely not the vibe, it’s not speculation to say she did give a little belly rub toward the end of her performance.

Luckily, we don’t have to worry about being jerks about our curiosity because Rihanna’s rep has confirmed the exciting news—she’s pregnant again!

Rihanna and her longtime partner, A$AP Rocky, welcomed their first child, a boy, together last May. The proud mama shared the first video of her son on TikTok back in December.

Her performance was nothing short of fabulous, and even more impressive now that we know she’s pregnant! A true queen. An icon, even. Did you see her floating above the stadium like a goddess in a Greek myth, captivating every single pair of eyeballs that were focused on her? What a gift, truly.

And a soon-to-be mother of two, to boot. What a night! Congratulations indeed.