Serena Williams is a superstar on the tennis courts, but she still needs a little extra advice when it comes to motherhood: She posted on Twitter this week to ask fellow mamas what their breastfeeding timeline was—because even the thought of weaning her little one was already giving her a flood of emotions.
How long did you breastfeed? Is it weird that I get emotional when I even just think about when it’s time to stop?” she asked. With nearly 2,000 responses, Twitter mamas were quick to share support and advice. The overall consensus? It’s up to her and baby. And that emotional rollercoaster she’s feeling? Completely normal. When you consider the changes that come with motherhood, the thought of having to go back to work (yes, even to play tennis) and the deep bond mamas and babies can have through breastfeeding, it’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed.

A lot of people could relate to the struggle...

And in an age where mommy-shaming has unfortunately become commonplace, it was refreshing to see so much love and support from moms across the world.
Many even shared their experiences with being shamed and judged by others based on their feeding choices and timelines, but reassured Williams that she will make the right (and best) decision for baby. Oh, and a few reminders to savor the moment while she can! Hopefully Williams had a helpful takeaway from the discussion. For the rest of us, the lesson is this: Celebrities cherish their villages, too—even if those are found through social media.