It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that at just 4 months old, Adira Ohanian is following in her famous mom’s footsteps, starting with fitness. 

In an Instagram video, tennis legend Serena Williams shared a glimpse of daily life in the Williams-Ohanian home, which includes, yes, workout routines, even for the littlest member. And it’s a family affair: Big sister Olympia, 6, holds onto baby Adira’s hands, gently helping her stand, before slowly lowering her back down to the ground, with Serena’s help to provide head and neck support for her youngest daughter. 

And yes—you can hear Serena directing Olympia in French. The 23-time Grand Slam winner is also a polyglot, commenters point out. Serena is fluent in French and also speaks German, Italian and Mandarin, and is helping her daughters learn French, as well. 

“We all work out in this family,” she captioned the video. Tummy time and other forms of infant exercise are hugely important for babies, starting from birth, and yes, are considered workouts, helping them develop head and neck control, improve muscle tone and learn to move their body in space. Of course, infants should always be safely supervised during tummy time and well supported if you’re helping them pull up to stand. And watch for signs like fussiness that might mean they’re too tired for more exercise. 

Serena recently shared that when she ended up with an abundance of extra breast milk after a recent trip, she decided to donate it to those in need. In the clip, the tennis champ showed off a freezer full of breastmilk bags, sharing that she was “really excited” to donate the excess milk “to people who really need it.”

Of course, plenty of commenters praised her donation, with many joking about the “liquid gold” those babies will be getting without their parents and caregivers even realizing. “With your diet and who you are I would drink that milk myself,” said one person. “The baby that will drink this milk will become the next Wimbledon winner,” joked another. “I can only imagine what some athletes and bodybuilders would be willing to pay for that milk,” added yet another, while one person hilariously called it “G.O.A.T. milk.”