Where would you go to stock up on holiday supplies before Easter? If Target’s your answer you’ve got something in common with the highest paid woman in music.

Yes, Beyonce made a Target run recently, and the photo evidence of her shopping trip with daughter Blue Ivy quickly spread across the internet.

One Target employe took a quick pic of Beyonce, Blue and crew loading a cart with Easter goodies, and another employee posted the photo to Twitter after the world famous mom of three left the store.

As TMZ reports, this isn’t the first time Bey has been seen preparing for the holidays at Target. She made a run before Christmas, too.

Queen Bey’s not the only mogul mama spotted on a Target run. Honest Company co-founder Jessica Alba recently took a breastfeeding break in a Target dressing room.

The fact that famous mamas still step out to Target speaks to the draw of the place. They have all the money in the world, but they’re still in there, doing their shopping just like the rest of the us. It makes us love Bey (and Target) even more.

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