During the Grammy Awards red carpet show, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Atkins shared how their family has adjusted to having two daughters. Last year, the couple adopted Willa Gray Atkins from Uganda after bonding with her during a trip with 147 Million Orphans.

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It was a long road and tough process, but during the journey, Lauren found out she was pregnant after some fertility struggles—talk about an incredible way to grow a family! After their second baby, Ada James Atkins, arrived last August, it’s definitely been an adjustment period, but Willa Gray has been the best big sister.

“She was jealous at first I think, but it’s so fun to watch her,” he said to E! News during an interview. Rhett was a little nervous that she wouldn’t feel comfortable and would be overwhelmed with adjusting to America and becoming a sister, but she’s done great.

The couple has shed light on the emotional strain adoption can be for many families and is brutally honest about how hard it is.

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“I think it needs to be hard because you have to fight for that baby just like you do,” Rhett said. “I’ve done both now. I’ve had one biological and I’ve had one through adoption. It’s a battle to bring your child home. And it just strengthens you as parents and as a team. It is hard but it’s so worth it.”