Why does the mom bob gets such a bad rap? It saves you the pain of baby tugging at long strands. It’s easy to style when you barely have time for a shower, let alone a full blow-out. And, as Whitney Port’s new haircut shows, it’s super chic.

“It had to go,” Port says in the caption of an Instagram video where she’s showing off the shortened locks.

Port has long been admired for her long waves, but what is motherhood if not a perfect opportunity for reinvention? Besides, she totally rocks the blunt bob just as much as she did the longer style. (Port is clearly one of those women who is just #blessed with amazing hair.)

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It also seems to be a practical change for Port, who recently opened up in a column for Flare about the effect her baby boy has had on her beauty routine.

“My skin is dry and patchy; new wrinkles seem to appear each day,” she says. “My eyebrows are bushy, because who’s got time for a wax, really? And last but certainly not least, my unwashed hair is pulled into a top knot and fastened with a scrunchie.”

Now with the shorter style, Port is hopefully closer to striking the balance between “appropriately low-maintancence” and “super stylish” that every mama craves.

She’s also in good company with former Hills co-star Lauren Conrad making a similar chop in November. As Conrad said at the time of her lob debut, “Honestly, it’s more of a time-saver.” And that’s not to mention the ways Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and so many more switched up their ‘dos when they first became moms.

Speaking about the mom haircut trend to Cosmopolitan in 2013, clinical psychiatrist Dr. Christina Hibbert explained, “Many women are thrilled to no longer be pregnant, to get their body back in shape, to be eating for one again. They may feel ready for a change, something to make them feel desirable again.”

That funk is also one Port’s spoken on before, saying in October that after having her baby, “I thought a lot about if [my husband was] attracted to me. And that was hard, because I was never insecure about that before.”

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh new haircut to give you a boost of confidence—and Port certainly has every reason to feel good about herself. ?