If you've ever felt a bit jealous looking at your kids visiting Disney, dressing up, and getting really into character you're in luck, mama.

Disney now offers a character makeover experience for adults (and kids), and it'll make you feel the magic at any age. ✨

This is different from the Disney Princess Makeovers that happen in the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.' That place is a kids-only zone, offering "magical makeovers for young princesses and knights ages 3 to 12", according to Disney's website.

The makeovers available for all ages (well, all ages over 4) are called 'character couture makeovers,' and they're happening at Disney's salons. According to Aubrey Hang, the Communications Manager for Disney Parks, parents aren't limited to princess looks.



"There really is no set list of what our cosmetologists can do. They have done everything from Star Wars Galactic looks to super hero looks, to pretty much all the princesses and villains. Because the service is customized to the guest, the stylist will consult with the guest about their wants and needs and provide expectations as to what can be done depending on hair length and type. The make-up is also customized to best fit the guest's skin tone and facial features. It truly is a "couture" experience," she said in response to a comment on the blog post announcing the service.

Hang recently took part in the experience herself, with a couple of fellow Disney lovers. The trio paired their salon makeovers with outfits that are more wearable than full-on cosplay, which is a good idea if you're going straight from the makeup chair into mama mode.



The addition of 'character couture makeovers' for adults seems to be inspired by the Instagrammable trend of #disneybounding, that is, heading to Disney parks in wearable takes inspired by beloved characters.

As Joseph Motowidlak, the guest experiences manager for the Senses Spas at Walt Disney World told TODAY, "We saw that our guests were coming up with outfits and entire ensembles inspired by Disney characters. We really saw a need for some kind of transformative makeover experience for people of all ages - something customized to allow guests to really enjoy their day on our property."

According to TODAY, the prices start at $50 for the youngest clients and go up to $120 for a full adult package.

Sounds magical.✨