If you're making a Target run today, don't skip the frozen section. Market Pantry has launched a glittery, multicolored treat the internet is going wild over.

Yes, Unicorn Magic ice cream is a thing, and it's at your favorite store.

Target quietly launched the product, but word of the confection that combines the magic of unicorns with the magic of ice cream spread via Instagram, where @CandyHunting first posted pics of the colorful carton.

Because the internet loves all things unicorns, the news quickly spread beyond @CandyHunting's 113,000 followers, and now everyone is talking about this colorful dessert.

This could be the most popular dessert of the summer, so if you see some at your local Target you might want to stock up. It'll be the perfect snack for summer days spent running through this rainbow sprinkler.

Unicorn food (well, unicorn everything) is totally a trend right now, so if they're all out of Unicorn Magic ice cream at your local Target you might want to check the cereal aisle. Lucky Charms is also all about the mythical creatures now, and Kellogg's recently bought its Unicorn cereal to America after first launching unicorn branded Fruit Loops in Germany.

Whether you like your unicorn flavor to melt in your mouth or turn your milk purple, this trend is making grocery shopping much more magical.

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