If you are still recovering from Sunday's epic Game of Thrones battle, don't worry mama, so are we. It was intense, but hey, so is motherhood and we can find a lot of inspiration in the strong female characters on the show and in the actresses that play them.

Gemma Whelan brings Yara Greyjoy to life in the HBO hit but she's also a new mom who bought her daughter to life in 2017, and this working mama has done plenty of breastfeeding on set. She recently posted a throwback pic of what went on behind the scenes of the most popular show on television. Namely, a lot of nursing.

In a recent interview with Good Morning Britain Whelan explained that her baby girl was on set for basically the entire time she worked on Game of Thrones.

Being able to bring your child to work with you is a privilege that actors like Whelan, Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union and others enjoy, but it's not just for people making movies and TV. More and more offices are welcoming infants.

We love how Whelan shared this photo to Instagram because it shows that new moms can succeed at work (and make amazing TV) when they have support. It's also given birth to some hilarious GoT jokes.

One Reddit user captioned the image: "When you have to fight Euron at 6 and feed your kid at 7." 😂

Working mamas definitely know what it's like to switch roles in a hurry. We can go from strong, determined and fighting to gentle, caring and soft the minute we walk through those day care doors. It's not acting, it's real life and we are all as strong as Yara.

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