What's more adorable than a Gerber baby? Not much, except maybe two Gerber babies.

Ann Turner Cook is 91 years old and little Lucas Warren is just one, but the pair have something in common: They both made history as Gerber babies.

Cook was the first Gerber baby back in 1928, and this year Lucas became the first Gerber baby with Down syndrome. Now, a pic of the two together is going viral, thanks to Cook's grandson, writer Chris Colin.


"Never made her rich or got us free strained peas or anything. But last week she got to meet the company's newest spokesbaby, named Lucas," Colins wrote.

CNN reports Gerber arranged the meeting when Lucas' family was heading to Florida, where Cook lives, for a recent vacation.

When people on Twitter questioned whether Colins was telling the truth about his grandmother's Gerber past, he dropped some social media receipts.


Yes, Cook is the Gerber baby we all think of from the famous black and white sketch. Back in 1928 the Gerber company invited artists to submit renderings of babies to be used in advertising. According to Gerber, "some artists submitted elaborate oil paintings, but one artist, Dorothy Hope Smith, an artist who specialized in children's portraits, submitted a simple charcoal sketch and offered to elaborate on it if it was accepted. The executives at Gerber couldn't resist the adorable baby face and selected the classic drawing as-is."

That baby who posed for the drawing was Cook, then 4 months old, who lived in the same Connecticut neighborhood as artist Dorothy Hope Smith.

According to Gerber, Cook grew up to become an English teacher and later a mystery novelist, and, judging by her grandson's social media, a beloved grandmother, too.

She's obviously adored, which is just another thing Cook has in common with Lucas.