There is a universal code for women at the OBGYN, and that code is that we all hide our underwear and bras underneath our folded-up clothes before the doctor comes in for the exam. Why do we do this? Modesty (which doesn't really make sense given where we're at and what the doctor is going to be doing?) Who knows?

Carlie Nolan, whose husband is an OBGYN, regularly posts videos on TikTok where she asks her husband questions about his job and the behavior patterns of his patients. And you know what? He truly didn't seem to realize that we all hide our first. But you can see the moment it all clicks into place.

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"Did you know that women at the OBGYN office will always hide their underwear before a pelvic exam?"

"No...but now that you mention it, you never see the underwear!" he says while laughing.

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And it's SO true! So many women took to the comments to share their own "underwear hiding" habits:

"This made me laugh!! I hide mine under my neatly folded shirt and pants 😁"

"I don't even fold my clothes that nicely at the house 😂😂😂 I even put my shoes under the chair 😏😂"

"And no one taught me! It’s like we’re born with the idea engraved in our minds lol."

"I forgot to hide mine one time and I asked one of the nurses to cover them during my exam and my ob said “I’ve seen a baby come out of you” 😂

"The 1 time I did not hide it I got a lecture on why they weren’t 100% cotton. 😳"

And, if you ever wanted to know the answers to a bunch of other OBGYN-related questions (some medical, some for fun—and tea), check out her account: @carlhermommy.

Like, for instance, the "craziest" dad story from the delivery room:

Anyway, shoutout to everyone who gently folds their undergarments at the OBGYN office, like we're living in Puritanical times and not about to get a full vaginal exam from someone who delivers babies for a living.

We're all in this together!