Serena Williams is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. And now, she’s a tennis mom.

The superstar athlete recently signed up her three-year-old daughter, Alexis Olympia, for tennis lessons—and documented the process on Instagram.

“I signed Olympia up for tennis lessons,” she said in a clip posted on Thursday. “Don’t even start with me because I’m not giving her tennis lessons. I signed her up for some, but the lady has no idea that it’s my daughter, so we’ll see how that goes.”

Can you imagine being that tennis instructor when she realizes who her new student is?

Williams continued, “I’m not a pushy mom but I know how I like techniques, so I want to make sure she’s good at teaching Olympia some techniques.”

The 23-time Grand Slam champion then showed off her daughter’s new gear.

“Look, Olympia got a cute racket like mine,” she said, smiling.

Serena Williams' daughter, Alexis Olympia, models her new tennis outfit.

Serena Williams’ daughter, Alexis Olympia, models her new tennis outfit.Serena Williams/Instagram

In the next clip, Williams is showing Olympia footage from one of her previous matches at the U.S. Open.

“Watching some film before our tennis lesson,” she explained, sitting side by side with her daughter.

“See that open stance there? Look at the speed, be fast,” she told Olympia.

The next clip revealed the video that Olympia wanted to watch instead. Spoiler alert: it was not a tennis match. “This is the film that she wanted to watch…that baby not playing tennis Olympia,” Williams joked.

She then shared pictures of the mother-daughter pair modeling their new tennis outfits. Williams chose a pink mesh top and a green maxi skirt for her “tennis mom outfit,” while Olympia adorably modeled a black and white Nike tennis look.

Serena Williams models her 'tennis mom outfit.'

Serena Williams models her ‘tennis mom outfit.’Serena Williams/Instagram

In her final story, Williams said she just dropped off Olympia at her first lesson and she decided to leave so she’s “not distracting.”

“I know how to leave and be, I’m not like an overprotective mom, no matter what Alexis says,” she joked, referring to her husband, Alexis Ohanian.

We’ve always loved watching Serena compete on the court—but we might love this side of her even more! Serena is definitely killing the tennis mom game.