Archer Farms snacks delivered straight to your door—within the day. That is now a possibility, thanks to Target’s same-day delivery service, which is rolling out in select markets.

According to Bloomberg, the retailer bought Shipt Inc. for $550 million, which will help them go into direct competition with Amazon when it comes to getting products to customers’ doorsteps in the matter of hours.

“With Shipt’s network of local shoppers and their current market penetration, we will move from days to hours, dramatically accelerating our ability to bring affordable same-day delivery to guests across the country,” says John Mulligan, Target’s chief operating officer.

As for what you really want to know: When will Target’s same-day delivery service be available to you?

So far, it’s only available in some Alabama and Florida markets—with roll-out in Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma next week.

But more regions are coming soon: The service is projected to start at half of the retail stores by summer 2018 for customers who pay a flat-rate of $99 per year for unlimited drop-offs. Customers can determine if they’re in the same-day zone by visiting

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Then, designated shoppers will pick out the items and deliver them to customers—a unique approach that Bill Smith, Shipt’s founder, calls a “win-win.”

“What sets us apart, and really one of the big reasons we were drawn to Target, is the value we place on delivering quality, personalized experiences to our customers,” says Smith. “Our localized network of more than 20,000 shoppers goes above and beyond to make sure our customers are well served.”

Buying options currently include goods from the grocery, household essentials and electronic categories, but are due to expand to Target’s full selection in 2019. ?

The move is in response to positive results for competitors who currently offer same-day deliveries—with Walmart and Amazon leading the pack. The trend will likely continue, especially considering a recent report shows 80% of shoppers want same-day delivery options. (And are willing to pay an average of $18/day for the service, which makes Target’s deal a total steal.)

The cash deal between Target and Shipt isn’t expected to affect Shipt’s other retail partners, which include Kroger and Costco. Instead, it’s just making it increasingly possible for consumers to never need to enter a grocery store again. Unless, of course, you just feel like walking the aisles of Target. ?