Having one newborn is hard enough. Having multiples is almost impossible. But one Pennsylvania family now has four babies under four months old, thanks to an incredible story and a years-long fight against infertility.

Zac and Brittney Wolfe got married in 2013, then struggled to conceive for years. They were worried that a spinal cord injury Zac suffered in a car accident in 2011 might be the problem.

“After a year of trying to conceive without success, we decided to seek medical advice to determine if either of us had an issue,” Zac told a local newspaper. “We were nervous, due to my injury, and were unsure if we would be able to have a child naturally. After we were both cleared and underwent many tests everything came back good.”

But they continued trying and nothing was working. For the next five years, the couple spent almost $100,000 on intrauterine insemination and IVF treatments that didn’t work. That’s when they decided to adopt a baby, and created a website to market themselves as prospective parents.

“We have both always dreamed of having a big family and infertility made us realize that it isn’t about HOW we become parents that matters to us — it is about parenthood itself — and that steered us in the direction of adoption as our path to parenthood and we couldn’t be more excited to begin our journey,” they wrote on their site.

In 2022, they were contacted by a neighbor who had heard about a woman looking for a family to adopt her baby. That’s how the Wolfes found their daughter, Charlie, who they adopted in July.

But around the same time they started looking to adopt, they started looking into embryo adoption, a process in which frozen embryos that were left over by couples who went through IVF can be donated to another couple unable to conceive. Their first attempt at an embryo transfer was unsuccessful. But in April, they tried again — and the embryos implanted. Brittney was pregnant — with triplets.

The triplets were delivered via C-section on Oct. 19 and had to spend some time in the NICU before coming home and meeting their (barely) big sister.

But the parents announced on YouTube that the whole family was ready for whatever comes next — just in time for the holidays.

“Charlie finally got to meet her sisters and brother after 46 days in the NICU,” Zac said in a video. “Four babies under four months old may be quite the challenge, but we’ve got this. We have a great support system and have a lot of help.”