Being in the NICU is hard on families. When your baby can’t come home with you right away, you leave part of your heart in the hospital every night. Parents can feel like they’re missing out on some of the “firsts” they’d imagined their babies experiencing at home, but the staff at Illinois’ Advocate Children’s Hospital made sure that NICU families are not missing out on babies’ first Fourth of July. Who needs fireworks when these star-spangled babies are lighting up the whole hospital?

Advocate Children’s Hospital posted a series of photos to its official Instagram and Facebook accounts, showing of the absolutely adorable Independence Day looks these NICU babies are serving up, and we’re in love. ?

Twins Jax and Sadie

10 photos nicu 4th of july 0

Advocate Children’s Hospital

First up, fraternal twins Sadie and Jax, who are looking absolutely adorable in their red, white and blue ensembles.

The Clark Triplets

10 photos nicu 4th of july 1

Advocate Children’s Hospital

Another set of multiples, triplets Jackson, Jordan and Addison Clark, look comfy in their patriotic looks and in their mama’s arms.

​Baby girl Reilly

10 photos nicu 4th of july 2

Advocate Children’s Hospital

Baby girl Reilly got really into the spirit in her decorated crib. According to the staff at Advocate Children’s, Reilly’s father and grandfather are both veterans, so July 4 has an extra special meaning for this NICU family.

Baby girl Willow

10 photos nicu 4th of july 3

Advocate Children’s Hospital

#Twinning! Willow and her mama look amazing in their matching looks for the Fourth!

Baby boy Payne

10 photos nicu 4th of july 4

Advocate Children’s hospital

At just one-month-old, this little guy is full of patriotic spirit, and looks so beautiful in his July 4 outfit.

Baby girl Mia

10 photos nicu 4th of july 5

Little Mia is celebrating with her mom and dad, Rachel and Ryan, and looking very stylish on her first Fourth.

Baby girl Riley

10 photos nicu 4th of july 6

Just 13 days old, according to Advocate Children’s, baby girl Riley celebrated her first Fourth while getting some skin-to-skin time. She’s sporting a very patriotic headband while getting the loving touch she needs.

Baby girl Grace

10 photos nicu 4th of july 7

Advocate Children’s Hospital

Little Grace is ready for the holiday in her denim shirt and festive skirt!

Baby girl Penelope

10 photos nicu 4th of july 8

Advocate Children’s Hospital

Penelope’s mama went full Pinterest on the NICU crib so that Penelope could really celebrate her first July 4!

Baby boy Bryce

10 photos nicu 4th of july 9

Advocate Children’s Hospital

Little Bryce’s digs also got a style makeover and he’s celebrating in a special red, white and blue space.

Studies have shown that when parents are involved in the care of NICU babies, everyone benefits, so the efforts the staff at Advocate Children’s made to help parents celebrate this special day with their babies could help those babies get home faster.

Family-integrated care is important, and it’s giving these babies what they need to ensure that by the time their second July 4 rolls around, the NICU will be just another memory in a lifetime of “firsts”.