Hey, what are you doin’? Nothin. Well that’s good, because one woman is dropping some truth bombs about Christmas cards. What we’re doing is preparing to be offended, especially if you send Christmas cards every year. (Though we also totally understand they’re not for everyone.)

She emphatically tells her followers, “I was gon’ to tell you since it’s gettin’ to be Christmas and all, don’t send me a Christmas card—MMM MMM!” Then she gets right in our faces and whispers sardonically, “I’m gon’ to throw that s— in the traaaaassshhh.”

But don’t worry, she says she’s “gon’ look at it” and she’s also sorry you didn’t know and she’s just now telling you. “And y’all look so cute in your family dress up for the occasion and y’all look precious,” she continued. Then she whispers again, “But Imma bout to throw it in the garbage…”

“I can’t have that clutter layin’ ‘round here,” she continues. “Send me a digital pitchure, you know? Send it to me and say Merry Christm…,” Canci starts to say, but then changes her mind.

“You know what? Don’t do that either, just don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it! “I see y’all on, you know? I’ll see y’all.” Then she says, “OK don’t send me no card.”

The comments ranged from totally offended, to sad, to wholehearted agreement (Grinches). Others even gave tip for decorating and saving these clutter-inducing Christmas cards. 

One viewer said she punches holes in the corner of all the photo cards she gets and puts them on a gold ring, so it’s like a coffee table flip-through book. And that’s pretty genius. Another fan said, “Aww this one made me a little sad. I so look forward to everyone’s Christmas cards.”

“I spent a lot of money this year on the cards with our pictures. I hope no one is throwing them away,” said one offended viewer. And “AnnaBananna” warned, “Until somebody passes and you find the last card they sent. I have several I keep from year to year.”

And one very anxious and perhaps spooky fan said, “My anxiety says the people in the picture will die if I throw it awaaayyyy!!!”

You do you, if you love sending cards and it makes you feel holly jolly, go for it. Just don’t send any to this lady. She’ll just throw it in the traaaassshhh.