There are moms who believe in their kids, and there are moms who help make their kids’ dreams come true—and one mom went viral on TikTok for doing both! TikTok user @meems1980 created a simple video asking if someone could play the composition her young daughter wrote.

What happened next is so beautiful and lovely and amazing, it’ll restore your faith in humanity. Or, at least in the internet.

“So my 10-year-old daughter wrote this. Could somebody play this?” @meems1980 asks, sharing a piece of scratch paper containing several bars of music scrawled in pencil. And while a decent amount of people took her up on her offer—pianists, guitarists and other musicians—it was the National Association for Music Education, Northwest Division Conference, in Bellevue, WA that truly, truly delivered.


@meems1980 we decided to orchestrate your duaghter’s beautiful melody and read it at the NAfME (National Association for Music Education) Northwest Division Conference in Bellevue, WA. Thank you for sharing her music with us! We hope you like our arrangement and performance. #nafme2023 #pnw #music #musiceducators #musiceducation

♬ original sound – Christopher T. F. Ha

What an EPIC response, right? I’m sure the proud mama wasn’t expecting something of that caliber, which makes it that much sweeter. It’s the perfect movie script too—girl writes music, TikTok performs music, Netflix contracts girl to write film scores.

“I hope we did justice to your beautiful melody!” the professor responsible for the orchestral number wrote in Meems’ comments. “On behalf of all of the string teachers at the NAfME Northwest Conference, keep making music!”

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Watching the little girl’s face as she sees and hears her original music composition come to life is just priceless, truly. Sometimes social media can be a wonderful place.

Many people couldn’t believe how awesome the whole story was, but especially the young girl’s writing talent.

The stress has left my body I am in tears this was absolutely beautiful and very well done.

Legit in tears this is beautiful!! It’s been a long time since a classical piece has made me cry. Thank you!!

This piece is both calming and reflective….like watching a beautiful sunset culminate and ebb like an ocean tide in the heavens.

this video gave me more serotonin than my SSRI. ❤️❤️❤️

This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on the internet

It is things like this that make me love this app. Beautiful music keep going little one you have natural talent!

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Meems followed up with a thank you video to all of the artists who performed her daughter’s music. She explained that her little girl is a violinist and loves music. She ended her thanks with an important message we could all use:

“When everything online seems dark, we can create the light.”