Henry Winkler, you (probably) know him, you (probably) love him. Whether you recognize him as Fonzie from “Happy Days” or from one of his many other hilarious characters, he’s a much beloved actor for many generations.

As if we couldn’t love him any more, he just gave us another reason. On the Emmy’s red carpet, when Winkler stopped for an interview, he had the most adorable reaction to being called a “DILF”. The popular TikTok video shows Henry Winkler in all of his older-dad-definitely-not-with-the-times glory.

It all started when Access Hollywood reporters, Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover, asked the legendary actor to read thirst tweets on camera. If you’re wondering what thirst tweets are, they are often explicit posts from fans expressing their love and desire for famous celebrities.

And the first one Winkler read was, “Henry Winkler underrated dilf.” In the TikTok video you can clearly see how precious his confusion is when he reads that tweet.

But it gets even better (and somehow even more adorable) when he asks, “Wait a minute…is that like an elf?”

I don’t know what “Lord of the Rings” character he was thinking of but, I mean, come on! How outrageously sweet is that?!

Lopez clarifies things for him and says, “It’s a compliment, sir. It means ‘Dad I’d like to… and then fill in the blank with that one.”

Henry Winkler then does the thing that probably solidifies that particular fan’s admiration (dare we say, lust?) even more when he gives an Oscar-worthy gasp, says, “No!” and then proceeds to put the message in his pocket saying, “I’m going to keep this one. I’m not going to show that to anyone.”

Be still my heart. That is the best red carpet moment ever.

But, the reasons to love him don’t stop there. Henry Winkler and his wife co-founded a children’s charity, Children’s Action Network (CAN), which provides free immunization to over 200,000 children. He married Stacey Winkler in 1978 and they share three children. Together they are actively involved in many other endeavors such as Toys for Tots and the Special Olympics.