“Who would be willing to go with me? This is community. Let’s go save that girl. Let’s go rescue her.” 

This was Jen Hamilton’s response to a new mom’s post who was drowning in the housecleaning tasks we all have been through a few years ago, which she detailed this week on TikTok.The mom had expressed some despair (anonymously) about not even really having the money to get help, but needing it so bad that she was going to make a way. Hamilton messaged the moderators to ask her if their community could make the way for her.

It was the first ever “Hot Mess Express” mission, she says, and now the concept has exploded. “Girl, Same” podcaster Brittinie Tran took over the idea and helped it grow further. Now, the nonprofit helps women in the community struggling with the current state of their home. They offer a “fresh start” without judgment, cleaning, organizing, stocking groceries, doing laundry, and catching moms up. Even better, the mom and the family get to head out for the day for some time off.

In a recent interview with Scary Mommy, Tran said that now there are over 50 chapters nationwide. “I would love to see enough Hot Mess Express chapters that we are accessible to as many women as possible. There are so many women who don’t know our group exists, suffering in silence thinking they are alone. That’s why we work so hard to normalize the struggles of motherhood and normalize asking for help,” she said.

To see if there’s a chapter near, you, or to get one started to support other struggling mamas in your community, check out Hot Mess Express. Someone’s life, and absolutely their mental health, just might depend on it.