A TikTok mom is going viral for a video explaining why she’s buying Christmas presents for one of her two kids, but not the other — but you’re going to want to hear her reasoning before you jump into the debate.

Tiffany Chesson posted the now-viral video last week, holding her infant as she whispered conspiratorially into the camera, “I’m only buying one of my kids Christmas presents. Here’s why.”


Idk if this is normal or not, im sure the comments will soon roll in if it turns out im the worlds worst mum for refusing to get my baby anything for her first christmas but shes too young to want anything and already has everything she needs so im not damaging my bank account by trying to keep up with the joneses and buy her loads lf stuff she doesnt need 🤷🏼‍♀️ #babysfirstchristmas #firstchristmas #newbaby #newborn #christmas #christmasgifts #christmaspresents #deinfluencing #babyessentials #giftguide #controversial #mumsoftiktok #motherhood #parenting #mumof2

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She continued, “I don’t have a favorite, I will tell you that for free. But this one is three months old and by the time Christmas rolls around, she’ll be about five [months]. Does she need presents? No she doesn’t.”

Chesson added that the infant is “too young to understand, appreciate” Christmas or presents.

“There is literally no point in buying her a Christmas present,” she said.

She also added, “I don’t have the money to buy her a Christmas present. I’m on maternity pay. My friends and family are going to buy her presents and that’s absolutely a-okay. I don’t have a problem with someone buying her presents. I’m just not going to do it for her.”

So do commenters agree? Kind of. Most people commented that Chesson shouldn’t give her infant child nothing for Christmas, but she doesn’t need to go all out and buy expensive toys.

“I think first Christmas should be things they need or keep sake like baubles, stockings, clothes etc.,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “My 4th child is only 3 months when Christmas comes around. I’m washing some off the older kids’ baby toys and that’s what gets wrapped.”

Another noted, “I wrapped bottles, clothes, teethers etc. big brother would’ve noticed if Santa didn’t bring the baby anything.”

That was a point that several commenters made — Chesson’s older child is likely to notice if the baby doesn’t receive anything from Santa.

Aside from that, do you agree? Do babies need Christmas presents like older kids do? Or is it OK to wait until they’re old enough to remember the holiday to start bringing the magic?