Towards the end of every pregnancy, the weight of a pregnant belly can feel almost unbearable. Turns out, you may find some relief from a surprising place. A new TikTok trend is bringing much-needed relief to pregnant mamas-to-be around the country, and we’ve got the video to demonstrate how it’s done.

daddynewb on TikTok discovered that when he lifted his pregnant partner’s stomach, she felt tremendous relief, and the challenge quickly went viral among pregnant couples on the social platform.

In the video, he stands behind his partner and demonstrates this simple yet genius idea, saying, “So if you wanna do a favor for that pregnant lady, GENTLY lift her belly up, you’ll hold maybe 10-15 pounds. When she’s ready, you’re going to GENTLY lower it back down.”

For men who may confuse their pregnant partner’s belly with a basketball, I appreciate how he put “GENTLY” in all caps. At the end, he amusingly says, “But ladies when you feel that weight again, you’re gonna get pissed.”

Well, he’s right about that. But, the effort made to give his pregnant partner some comfort is much appreciated, as evidenced by the many couples who are giving it a try on TikTok. Watch our video to see how you can try this at home.


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