The only thing that is better than that new baby smell is the adorable teeny tiny clothes. It’s hard to believe your child was ever that small, and looking through their old baby clothes tends to bring on all the feels. While many donate or consign their child’s old clothing, some of us have a hard time letting go—so the clothing is stored in a container in the basement where not only can you not look at it on a regular basis, but it takes up space and your partner wants you to get rid of it and you just can’t bring yourself to do that. Or is that just me?

But Patricia over at Eleven Bebe has created a genius way to not only save those sweet baby clothes, but turn them into keepsake items that can sit on a shelf (or be snuggled, let’s be real). 

She turns clothing into “keepsake bears,”  and as evidenced by her viral TikTok video, parents everywhere are super into this incredible idea. 

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In the video, Patricia says, “You send me your favorite baby clothes…and I send you this back.” And it shows her doing what most parents do when looking through adorable infant outfits, holding each one up and admiring each one. Then the video cuts to an amazing teddy bear, with its entire body constructed out of scraps of the baby clothes. 

While baby clothes quilts that use scraps of clothing and “nursery shadow boxes” are other ways to preserve baby clothes, a bear just seems so fitting and perfect—especially because you can snuggle it like you did your baby.

People in the comments were sold. One commenter said it was honestly the most beautiful thing she’s seen made from old baby clothes. 

These bears can make heartfelt touching gifts as well. Commenter Brittanie said, “I’d love to sponsor a bear for a mama out there with an angel baby.” With other people asking Bebe to make sponsoring a continuous part of the business and to make a tab so there can be donations.

A dad said he’d love to give one to his wife because his little girl lived just over one month because “Holoprosencephaly took her from us,” he said. 

Patricia also makes memorial bears as well, with clothing from other family members. She says on her website, “A year ago my little girl lost her grandpa so I made her a memory bear out of his shirts….and my business has since then turned around completely.”

This “all started with a quiet book,” she says on her website. When Patricia’s daughter was 5 months old, she decided to sew her a “quiet book,” even though she had never sewn anything before.

“A quiet book turned into name banners, letters and personalized frames but I longed for more! Without hesitation I bought a sewing machine, taught myself how to use it and the rest is history!” she says on her website. 

Check out Patricia’s website at to place an order for your own bear.