The baby name rabbit hole just got a little deeper, everyone—you're welcome. While the notion of giving a baby two first names (or having them go by their first and middle name) isn't anything new, there's something captivating about the art of "Southern double names for baby girls." And we have this viral TikTok to thank for it.

Who doesn't love unique baby names, amiright? Well, what could be more unique than two first names? Or, better yet, two first names and two shortened nicknames too? If I've lost you, I apologize. I'll let Kendall here explain it to you.

She begins the video by assuring us that the art of the Southern "double name" is very real (as our readers in the South can no doubt confirm). In this TikTok, many of the names are then shortened to make even cuter double names—like "Elodie Jolene" becomes "Ellie Jo" and "Eleanora Elizabeth" can be shortened to "Nora Beth," and so on and so forth.

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But don't worry, if the task of coming up with a double name that also shortens to a cute double-name nickname is too daunting, Kendall has a follow-up TikTok with double names that are perfect as-is for daily use.

"The elementary school teachers are gonna kill me for this one," she jokes in the first video. (As someone whose single-name first name is still nine letters long, I say...oh well! Sorry teachers!)

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What are some double names that you've encountered? The editorial team here at Motherly has compiled the following: Laura Beth, Mary Catherine, Ginna Claire, Laura Chase, Hannah Margaret, Anna Beth, Ava Mae, Avery Jane, Anna Claire, Laura Leigh, Lily Rose, Abby Jane, Emmy Lou, Katie Jean, and the list goes on.

Whether it's your style or not, there's just something about those Southern baby names (double and singular) that roll off the tongue as sweet as molasses.