The Bachelor is usually about all the backstabbing steaminess from the hot tub gossip sessions to international jealousy-inducing getaways. But the “Golden Bachelor” featuring widower Gerry Turner, has everyone wishing they had a tissue more than a rose.

In one TikTok, we watch Leann Anderson melt into her ice cream pint, while we overhear in the background how Turner never got to close on his dream house due to his wife passing.

@leann.a.anderson I WAS TRYING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME HOW DARE YOU GARY #thegoldenbachelor ♬ original sound – Leann Anderson

“POV you thought the golden bachelor would be funny,” her caption reads. “I WAS TRYING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME HOW DARE YOU GARY #goldenbachelor” she writes.

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Others are in the same flooded boat — “I was crying 30 seconds in,” one says. A recent Glamour article details how Gary himself just can’t hold the tears back, as cutting women from the show, including other widows, is proving heartbreaking. The host, Jesse Palmer, has his work cut out for him: “Palmer, with his everyman face and agreeable, inoffensive suit, leaned in close to Mr. Golden Bachelor himself: ‘Gerry, you doin’ okay?’” The Glamour article goes on to read, “On Thursday I learned that if Gerry cries, I cry.”

Seems the once semi-trashy show just got a bit too real as the main viewership can see their own relatives in that situation. “He is everyone’s father now!” one commenter declared on Anderson’s TikTok. “The shirt took me OUT,” another said, referencing a plaid-like yellow “dad shirt.” Another joked “protect Gary at all costs!”

*If* your tissues are ready, you can check out the 72-year-old patriarch from Indiana, every Thursday at 8/7c.