Let’s be honest: No one likes getting shots. For kids, it’s even harder to understand what the ultimate benefit is. Who can blame them? Having your skin poked by a needle hurts—a lot. And when you’re a kid, you’re usually getting multiple shots at once. The experience is not cool.

But one nurse has come up with a magic way to give shots that will put your little one at ease—and may even allow them to have a little fun.

Last week, Tiffany Shelby Marshall shared a video to Facebook of her grandson getting a round of shots. The young boy is clearly nervous, so the nurse taking care of him jokes around to calm him down.

First, Marshall’s grandson needs his finger pricked. He’s not exactly thrilled about it, so the nurse tells the boy she has a “magic trick” for him. They’re going to paint and make circles on the test card for the doctors, she says. After she pricks his finger and draws his blood, she shows him how to “paint” the blood onto each of the test card’s boxes. The boy repeats “I didn’t cry!” in excitement once it’s done.

Now come the three shots. Of course, he’s not happy about getting the injections either, but the nurse makes it an easier experience. How? By hugging! How smart is that?

Before each shot, the nurse asks the boy to give her a big hug and close his eyes. He holds her tight as she administer the shots, alternating between each arm.

Marshall, of course, wanted the nurse to get the attention she deserves. When sharing the video, she added a call-to-action in her caption: “This was by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen with this kid I almost peed myself. LIKE IT AND SHARE IT PLEASE THIS NURSE WAS ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!”

It worked: The now-viral video has been viewed more than 23 million times.

When taking care of children, you sometimes have to come up with new tricks to give medicine, like this clever way to administer baby pain reliever. Kids aren’t always cooperative, especially when they’re sick. Making it easier for them to take drugs or get shots only makes the experience better for everyone.

And, honestly, these creative geniuses deserve rounds of applause. ?