When it comes to the magic of the holidays, everyone uses different parenting strategies to explain to their kids how it all comes together. You might be a family that reads Christmas books and believes in the jolly man in red coming down the chimney, or, maybe, you’re a family who is very transparent with their little ones about who really buys all of the gifts.

But, no matter how you decide to approach the holidays at home, when kids go to school they talk to their friends.

In a viral video that’s garnered millions of views on TikTok, one mom posted about how her daughter told her friends at school that Santa Clause wasn’t real.


**** Thoughts on Santa? 🎅 How do you break it to your kids when they find out it’s a lie and no longer magical? I honestly don’t care either way HOWEVER, be prepared to explain yourself knowing your kids will be around other kids who are not believers 😮‍💨 I tell my kids to not ruin it for others but I’m also not going to be mad when they state facts. ***Follow me on my Instagram for more content*** #santaisntreal #santaisntcoming #santaisntrealkids #santaornah #whoissanta #santaorgrinch #christmasreels #santareel

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The mom of two starts the video by asking her daughter, Elliana, who is strapped in the backseat, “What were you telling kids?”

Her daughter, who by the way looks totally unbothered, replies very nonchalantly, “That Santa wasn’t real.”

Mom gives a little exasperated laugh and asks why she would say such a thing. Elliana matter of factly responds by saying, “Because they thought that Santa was real. I said, ‘no he is not real.'”

It’s the way she moves her hand when she says that last line that really drives home how much little Elliana thought she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

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Immediately after, her older brother, Jax, who is sitting next to her, jumps in the conversation. He asks the most important question (in my opinion) when he says, “Ellie, how old were they?”

Ellie tells him that it was just, “Kaden.” Her big brother then asks, “Were they little?”

What absolutely gets me is that Ellie says, “no,” they (Kaden) aren’t little at the same time that her mom clarifies that, yes, Kaden is little because he’s the same age as her. Although opinions on how kids should find out about the Santa lie are varied, I think it’s precious (and hilarious) how Ellie doesn’t think this is a big deal because she doesn’t think Kaden or she are “little” anymore!

“Now the kids probably going to go home and have the worst Christmas ever,” Jax says.

The cherry on top is Ellie’s final word on the matter, “Today’s not Christmas.”

When it comes to the magic of believing in Santa Clause or the Easter bunny, or any other made-up thing, some parents might want to keep their child’s innocence intact for as long as possible. Others, may not feel that way and might have a conversation with their kids at whatever age they think is appropriate. You might not always get there in time and some kids at school might pop the bubble earlier than you had planned, but that’s out of your hands.

As expected, the comments are pretty divided over what Ellie did.

“‘Today’s not Christmas.’ She’s gonna be a LAWYER😏😁”

“My son asked me one time, ‘why can kids tell me Santa is real but I can’t tell them he’s not'”

“Lord this is my worst nightmare 😂 I think I’ll cry once someone tells my baby Santa isn’t real lol”

“Ugh! I’m glad the teacher reached out. As a teacher myself it’s always sad when a kid ruins the magic for others. I hope you had a talk with her.”

If you’re looking for more of Ellie and the aftermath of that day, her mom posted a follow-up video.


Everyone has different beliefs. Her intentions were not to offend or hurt kids feelings. However she is 100% allowed to voice her opinion as well. #santaisntreal #issantareal #whereissantaclause #areyouabeliverornot #doyoubelieveinmagic

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