After a season full of bombshell announcements, “Sister Wives” stars Janelle and Kody Brown are adding one more: They’re separated.

During the season 17 finale on Sunday, the preview for the follow-up special “Sister Wives: One on One” which will air over the course of the next few weeks, confirmed the news.

In a trailer for the interviews, Janelle and Kody both reveal (separately) that they’re no longer together. This news follows the big season 17 plot surrounding Kody’s divorce from his longtime third wife, Christine—who left the family in Flagstaff to start over again back in her home state of Utah.

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“Janelle has made it pretty clear to me that she’s enjoying her life without me,” he says.

Janelle is shown sitting down with the tell-all host, Sukanya Krishnan.

“I think if we both really sat down, we’d look at each other and say ‘Really?’ We’ve been separated for several months,” she says in the clip.

Krishnan is then seen with Kody, who confirms the news.

“Yes, we are separated,” he says.

Christine, who is still participating in the show despite her divorce from Kody, offered her own perspective on the Janelle/Kody situation.

“For Janelle, I think that she’s frustrated and she’s so hurt. And that man that she was married to, she realizes that he’s totally different. But she’s different too,” she says.

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Sister Wives is a reality television series broadcast on TLC that premiered back in 2010, and started off with Kody finding his fourth wife, Robyn. The show documents the life of the entire Brown polygamist family, which includes Kody and his four wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn), and also their combined 18 children. The show is very candid about showing the difficulties of plural marriage and juggling feelings of jealousy while also sharing so many children.

Currently, Kody only has a “real” marriage with Robyn, his only legal spouse. He is divorced from Christine, now separated from Janelle, and has been mostly estranged from Meri, his first wife, for several years.

When Krishnan asks why he and his wives don’t just talk openly about their issues, Kody replies, “Because the relationships aren’t good. It’s that simple.”

The whole extended preview for the tell-all special looks pretty intense all around. The first episode “Sister Wives: One on One” premieres on TLC on Dec. 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.